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Prairie Voices:
Iowa Heritage Curriculum

Section 2: Using Local History
      Iowa Local History Guide: A Teachers Guide
     • Time Periods: Overview of Iowa History
     Reflections of Yesterday: Processes for Investigating Local History

Section 3: Lesson Plans
I. The Land and the Built Environment
      Natural Resources
      Landforms of Iowa
      The Delicate Balance: Iowa's Natural Resources
      The Art and Soul of the Land
      The Land: Plants and Animals
      Crinoids: Flowers of the Iowa Seas
      Sense of Place: No River is too Wide - Bridges
      Sense of Place: Red Tail Ridge Wetland Study Project
      Sense of Place: Interdisciplinary Wilderness Unit

II. Native People
      Archaeology and Prehistoric Native Americans
      People for the Land: Native Americans in Iowa

III. Migration and Interaction
      Getting From Place to Place
      Where People Come From
      African American Iowans: 1830's to 1970's
      Hispanics in Iowa
      German Immigrants Move to Iowa
      Abbie Gardner Sharp Cabin
      Quilting: A Pioneer Craft
      The Mormon Trail Through Iowa
      Iowa and the Civil War
      Out of the Mud: Pulling Iowa into the Auto Age
      How Women Got the Vote: The Story of Carrie Lane Chapman Catt

IV. Organization and Communities
      A System of Rules
      Territory and Statehood of Iowa
      You Gotta Know the Territory
      Montauk Historic Site
      Plum Grove Historic Site
      Iowa's One-Room Schools
      Sense of Place: Our School
      Community Development: Investigating Local History
      Sense of Place: Change for the Future - Redesigning Maquoketa
      Fine Arts and Culture
      Spare Time
      Health, Hygiene, Sanitation, and Privacy

V. Work
      Making a Living
      Badges of Pride: Labor in Iowa
      Agriculture: Farming and More
      Iowa Farm Women: More Than a Way of Life #1
      Iowa Farm Women: More Than a Way of Life #2
      We've Gotcha Covered: Iowa Insurance Story

VI. Folklife
     Folklife Guide
      Understanding Folklife and Folklore
      Family Folklore
      Folk Groups and Community Folklife
      Additional Folklife Information and Activities
      Folk Music
      Rites of Passage
      Victorian Celebrations
      The "Write Sport"

Section 4: Fun Facts
      Historical Moments Fact Sheets
       Vol 1 Vol 2 Vol 3
      Quick Iowa Facts
      Iowa Facts Worksheet
      Fun Iowa Facts
      Puzzle Page
      Basic Map of Iowa

Section 5: Resources
      Sense of Place: An Interdisciplinary Framework
      Recommended Readings in Iowa History
      National History Education Network

Section 6: Timeline
      A Timeline of Iowa History

Prairie Voices
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