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A Critical Bibliography on North American Indians for K-12
This bibliography focuses primarily on materials for elementary and secondary students.  Broad reading level categories are indicated: lower elementary, upper elementary, secondary, and adult (used when a book contains sexually explicit material or language). Sections are organized by culture area and tribe, and are further divided into non-fiction and fiction, biographies, and traditional stories.

Iowa Counties Historical Information pages
This site contains numerous links to Iowa history sites including resources related to cultural groups, historical sites, personalities in Iowa history and demographic data.

Iowa Public Television (IPTV)

For thirty-five years, stories about people, places, and events of Iowa have been at the core of Iowa Public Television (IPTV). Through landmark series such as The Iowa Heritage and Land Between Two Rivers, as well as ongoing local series and recent award winning educational initiatives, IPTV productions have provided a vivid and personal look at Iowa's development, culture, and achievements, and are among the most popular resources for teaching Iowa history. Iowa teachers turn to Iowa Public Television as their preferred source for resources about the state we call home.

Mount Mercy Library Webliography: Iowa History
Busse Library on the campus of Mount Mercy College, provides online resources and book titles for students and faculty seeking information on Iowa history.  Include are General History Resources;  Tourism; Places to Visit; Busse Library Resources.

State Historical Society of Iowa: Cultural and Educational Links
This page is a compilation of Internet resources for Iowa's cultural and historical organizations.

Iowa Quick Facts
Developed by the State Library of Iowa, this page provides demographic data on Iowa referenced by numerous categories ranging from population statistics to land area and urbanization.

Iowa Folklife: Our People, Communities and Traditions() (curriculum guide)
This updated kit (lessons, CD, videos, links, and support material) is now available online (click on hotlink above). It is also available in hard copy at all Iowa junior and senior high schools as well as in all senior citizen centers, Iowa college and university history and education departments, State Library, and the State Historical Society of Iowa resource center. The lessons and support materials may be copied for educational purposes only; materials may not be copied and resold for profit. Look for Iowa Folklife, Volume II: Cultural Express-Traditional Arts on Tours in late 2008.

Iowa Folklife 2 () Iowa Arts Council (curriculum guide)
Iowa Folklife 2 explores the traditional music, foods, dance, rituals, and crafts of Iowa's diverse cultures. This online resource includes content pages, photos, audio samples, suggested readings, lesson plans, and a variety of online resources for students (k12) and educators. Use the whole curriculum or just one unit! Enhance your experience by inviting featured traditional artists or those from your community into your classroom. Iowa Folklife 2, a companion to Iowa Folklife: Our People, Communities, and Traditions, represents many years of creative collaboration with traditional artists, their communities, museum and library educators, and multicultural curriculum specialists. The units and support materials may be copied for educational purposes only; materials may not be copied and resold for profit.

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