Iowa State Fare: Music From The Heartland: About


Sponsored and funded by the Iowa Sesquicentennial Commission

Production supervised by Anthony Seeger and Amy Horowitz

Production coordinated by Mary Monseur and Michael Maloney

Recorded and mixed by Pete Reiniger and assistant engineer Mike Lawyer

Recorded at SR Audio and Cinemedia, Des Moines, IA

Mastered by Dave Glasser at Airshow, Springfield, VA

Production assistant: Gregory Hansen

Introduction by Catherine Hiebert Kerst & Rachelle H. Saltzman

Liner notes Gregory Hansen, Dave Moore, and Cynthia Schmidt

Edited by Carla Borden

Intern: Katherine Reilly

Design by Visual Dialogue

Cover photograph courtesy of the Iowa State Fair

Special thanks to Kathie Swift of the Iowa State Fair, Katherine Reilly, Arlene Reiniger, Diana Parker, Richard Kurin, Catherine Hiebert Kerst, Rachelle H. Saltzman, J. Scott Raecker, and Stephanie Smith.

Produced in collaboration with the Iowa Sesquicentennial Commission, Festival of American Folklife, and the Iowa Arts Council

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